Blogging 101 – Tips and Tricks to Ensure Your Blog’s Success

Welcome to PR Protocols, a blog our team has worked hard on designing to help our fellow bloggers reach their full potential in the digital age! We thought it would be suitable to use our very first blog post as an introduction into the world of blogging. Our goal is to help you fully understand what blogs are used for and why they can be a fantastic tool that many companies should utilize. We’ve put together a few short ideas that can help to ensure that your audience will gain as much as possible from your work and continue to return for more.

So, what is a blog? This is fairly simple – a blog is essentially anything you want it to be. It could be used as a personal diary. It could be a place for your business to acquire new customers and keep the old ones interested in what you have to offer. It could be a place to create lasting bonds between people or companies. Blogs have the potential to do incredible things for you and your business if you’re willing to invest your time and ideas into maintaining it. A great example of a successful business blog is REI, a blog directed at those who love the outdoors. They’ve incorporated the essentials of a great blog – relevant content, authenticity, and great visuals.


Photo courtesy of REI’s blog.

The first rule of creating a successful blog is very basic, but very important – timing is everything. This rule applies to every aspect of your blog ranging from how quickly you respond to your reader’s comments, to how often you’re updating your content. Readers will always come back for more if you regularly put out ideas that intrigue them. Nobody will have the time, or the patience, to have to refresh your blog everyday to see if there is anything new to read – it is entirely up to you and your team to keep them wanting more.

The second rule is to always be transparent with your audience. Be passionate and creative, but always be real. It is rare that you will encounter anybody that only wants to read through advertisements and promotional content. This will often create the opposite effect that you intended it to, and people will disengage immediately. By allowing your subscribers the option to leave their own opinions within your blog, you’ve given them the chance to provide you with useful feedback while also letting them feel like you’re considering their opinions. People will appreciate your genuine content more than you think. Marie Forleo is a prime example of putting raw, interesting content out through her personal blog, Marie Foleo – Create A Life You Love. She has maintained her own blogging success by consistently providing her audience with transparency and authenticity.


Photo courtesy of  Marie Foleo’s Blog.

The third and final rule that we will leave you with today is to connect, connect, connect. Reach out to your fellow bloggers, offer them your insight, and build relationships with them. These are the people that will help you to succeed – the ones that know how hard it can be to maintain success in the digital world. This process is an undeniably successful way to increase your visitor count while also encountering new ideas that you may not have considered on your own.

If you’re still in search of more ideas to create a memorable online presence for yourself or your business, here is a great resource to show you 10 examples of great business blogs and the background behind their success. Good luck and happy blogging! (Leah Tessier)


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