As the web evolves, so do we.

This week’s post will focus mainly on the transformation of the web and how as a PR practitioner, we can stay sharp with all the new media outlets.

We can use the web as a major tool to help us not only reach out to the public, but also hear what they have to say. The internet has changed more in the past 15 years than in the past 100. Let’s go through the different Webs:

In the 90s we used Web 1.0 as our tool when communicating with the public. This was great at first, it made it easier for PR practitioners to share their messages.
Communicating information to your public and reaching a large audience at a lower cost was great. Yet there was a flaw with this version of the web, we didn’t know how
people were reacting to our information because they could not respond therefore making the communication limited to a one-way street.


This is when we created Web 2.0 in the 2000s. At this point, everyone could communicate with each other easily. There are so many social media sites that we can join to talk to friends, people we don’t know, people we may want to get to know, a place to share old pictures, a place to share thoughts/ opinions, and much more. The internet was growing and becoming a beast of its own.


This is when bloggers became a big thing. Keep in mind that the best bloggers have been at it for years and it has taken them a long time to gain the following that they do. It may have been hard at first, but they stuck with it and now they get to enjoy the feedback from their followers.

Last but not least, the most current version of the web is 3.0! This is the connection of two people and one machine through the web. There is now a third party connection on the web that we see all over the place, for example advertisements. You see ads everywhere and they seem to be personalized to you. Well that’s because they are. Our computers are constantly being monitored, from the sites we visit to the ones most trending. Companies pay to have their ads show up on our social media accounts, like Facebook! However, what about the ones who seem a tad odd. What about the ad about that skirt you were just looking into buying on a clothing site and all of a sudden pops up on your news feed?

This new way of communication has changed the way we do PR. As you have noticed, the Web is evolving and it is our responsibility to evolve with it. It is our responsibility to stay aware of new trends on social media and know how to connect through those same social media outlets. It is important as a PR practitioner to make sure we are knowledgeable and skilled with the newest technologies. (Samuelle Labelle)



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