Are You Overwhelmed by Social Media?

What is social media? Everyone will likely have a different definition, however it is pretty simple – social media is an online channel for people to share ideas, content, thoughts, and create relationships.

I think it is safe to say that you all know what social media is, but do we know what social networking is? Most of you do it on a daily basis without even knowing about it. Social networking is how people interact on social media! This includes sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Essentially social media and social networking are interchangeable and by having one you are doing the other.

Think of social media sites as an online community. A great example of this is Humans of New York which now has almost 18 million likes.


Many companies are hesitant to join social media because it is extremely overwhelming. However, social media has the power to take your company to a whole other level.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter give you the ability to reach a very large number of people for very minimal costs. According to this article posted by AdWeek, Facebook surpassed 1.4 billion monthly users and Twitter has 320 million monthly users. To put these numbers into perspective, it is very unlikely that this many people read the local, or even national newspapers every month. And these are just two of the largest social media platforms, there are many others that you can use to get your name and message our there.

Facebook is an excellent platform to deliver information and ideas to a group of like-minded people. If you think about how you gain most of your information, chances are its from social media rather than the local news or newspaper.

Considering the number of total Facebook users, I think it is safe to assume that a majority of you reading this post are on Facebook. Your personal Facebook profile is a way of marketing yourself. You are continuously delivering information and ideas to those you are friends with. So think of it from a business perspective – why not create the same opportunity for your business? It’s a great way to get your message out there and create a space for consumers to engage with each other, as well as the company itself.

Not sure where to start? Check out HubSpots post on the 16 Best Facebook Pages You’ve Ever Seen. Look at what these pages are doing to attracts and engages Facebook users.

Your next step is to start planning out your company’s Facebook page while keeping these tips in mind!

  1. Figure out the purpose of your page – Don’t do it just because everyone else is, figure out how it works into what you’re trying to achieve.
  2. Put thought into the content you post – Think about what your audience wants to see and how it is relative to your company.
  3. Don’t be pushy – Think about how you are going to engage people and encourage them to visit and like your page. You do not want to spam people; it will have the opposite affect than what you’re trying to achieve.
  4. You don’t have to engage in all of the negativity – the nice thing about creating a community on social media, is they will usually do the work for you. Although the community will be self-governing, you still need to be aware of what is being said and ensure that the page is being monitored in case there is a situation where you need to step in.

If you follow these 4 steps, managing your company’s social media presence should seem a little less daunting. Creating a Facebook page is only the start, but the most important thing is getting out there and then building from there. Taking this step into a whole different world of marketing could be exactly what you need to take your company to the next level. Good luck! (Shannon)


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