Searching for social media success? Join the Twitterverse!

Welcome back, fellow bloggers! This week’s post is going to be entirely dedicated to one of my favourite social media tools – Twitter! What started off as a simple microblogging tool has turned into every business’ best friend for reaching their target audience and gaining new customers. Oh, and if I haven’t mentioned it yet… it’s free!


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Twitter started up in 2006 as a microblogging service for anybody interested in sharing information to use. Since its creation, it has developed into arguably the most useful tool for businesses to gain attention. Every tweet must be short and sweet, since you’re only allotted 140 characters per post – which in today’s busy society, is the most that anybody would have read regardless. Businesses have used Twitter to their advantage by attracting thousands of followers through promoting their brand in a unique way.

Twitter plays host to many internal connecting tools as well. The most popular example of this is undoubtedly the #hashtag. While those unfamiliar with this term may be wondering why anybody would place the number sign symbol in front of a set of words, those that do frequent the website understand the significance and power of this tool. Essentially, this is a method of connecting to other users that share a common interest. When you search for a hashtag, every post that other users have shared using that hashtag will appear on your screen. This provides tweeters with shortcut to discovering relevant and interesting content that relates directly to them. Businesses can put this to great use in order to attract new customers that may not have stumbled upon their content otherwise. This article provides ten great reasons as to why businesses should capitalize on Twitter immediately.


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When you’re in our line of work, Twitter could not be more relevant. The public relations industry has shifted greatly towards online networking in recent years, and Twitter is a prime opportunity for PR specialists to get the word out about their company in a fast and effective manner. Aside from the convenience factor, Twitter also provides company representatives with the opportunity to create a dialogue between the business and their consumers. There is no better way to discover the needs of your customers than by listening to their opinions directly – something that Twitter allows you to do 24/7. By sending out tweets about new products and ideas, businesses can gain first-hand insight into what works and what doesn’t.

While Twitter is undeniably useful for reaching consumers, it is also a fantastic tool to connect with other PR professionals, journalists, and other forms of thought leaders relevant to your particular industry. Twitter chats are designed to connect you with individuals and businesses throughout the world to allow for professionals to bounce ideas, trends, and opinions off one another and to help evolve industries. These chats can help businesses plan, solve, and anticipate new trends that may be affecting their fields in the near future. Just one more reason to love Twitter!


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Twitter is an easy and convenient platform to operate. You can use it on your computers, tablets, and smartphones by simply choosing a login username and password. Now, that’s enough about the logistics of Twitter – get out there and try it yourself! (Leah)


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