How to use video to your advantage in marketing

This weeks blog post will be about the effectiveness of videos and how to get the best results from them. Videos use emotions to tell stories that can’t be so easily expressed in writing.

Marketing is all about the product and story telling is all about the people and the experiences that come along with the company or product. It is important to keep your customers aware that you are humans. Make them realize that you care more then just about making money from them. This can all be documented through audio and video. Showing the great gestures of the people in and around your company. People will get carried away in the story and forget that this is also a marketing technique.

Why video?

A lot of people do not know why video is so important to promote themselves. Well here are 7 reasons why you should be using online video:

  • A wider reach
  • Bring customer testimonials to life
  • Inject personality into your marketing messages
  • More memorable than written content
  • A SEO boost
  • Increased customer satisfaction and fewer returns
  • Create an effortless personal connection with users

Knowing the importance that technology has on the world around us, it is also important to know the best ways to share this content with these same people. Using sites such as YouTube, ITunes, Vine, Instagram and Facebook is a great way to get your message across. The more social media outlets you can reach with your message the more people are going to view it. The more people view it the more memorable you will be.

When creating a video for your company, make it memorable. Think of your favourite commercial. Maybe it’s the funny one or the heart warming one that you seen last week. Well regardless I bet you are thinking of it right now and can name me the company that the product or service was produced by. A commercial that stands out in my memory is the “Puppy, Monkey, Baby” by Mountain Dew. This commercial was completely irrelevant and hilarious and therefore it stood out to me. Create a video that people want to watch repeatedly not one that people feel forced to sit through.


Have fun with your videos and get your audience involved. People love to feel needed/ wanted. Artist such as Chris Lane will often request that the public to submit videos of them singing or dancing to their music to incorporate it into their next music video for example. This is a smart move it will draw in more views and will create conversation around this video. It also allows your audience a chance to connect with you. As a company, you can do the same thing by asking people to submit videos for their chance at a prize of some sort or just for popularity.

So when you are thinking of creating a worthy video that people are going to want to watch think of heart warming stories, anything comedic or invite the customers to participate in the video all three of these techniques work great when preparing to post a video to social media. (Samuelle)


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