Becoming Mobile-Friendly: The Digital World’s Newest Requirement

If you’ve been noticing the increase in cell phone usage within your own network of family and friends, then you won’t be surprised when I tell you that businesses would be wise to hop on the bandwagon and commit to making themselves mobile-friendly.

In recent years, companies have been gaining insight into how big of a difference mobile access can make to their success. Anywhere you look, you’re sure to see at least one person glued to their device’s screen. I know, I know, at some point you’ve probably been nagged to “get off your cell phone!” or “pay attention to what’s in front of you!” But today, I’m telling you to do just the opposite!

Surveys showed that 73% of company executives under the age of 40 consider their mobile device to be their primary communication tool – and this speaks volumes. The majority of everyday consumers use their mobile device on a daily basis to look up information about businesses whether it be their working hours, their phone number, or the services that they provide. In 2014, a poll was taken to determine the number of cell phones versus the number of computers that were used to look up information, and cell phones have officially been crowned the winner. If your business doesn’t have an online presence that converts into a mobile-friendly version, you’ve immediately cut off an entire market of potential consumers – and they’ve likely already moved on to your competitor’s website.


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On that same note, having a mobile-friendly website is not enough. As a business owner, you must ensure that your site always has the proper software in place to allow for a quick loading time. Keep your file sizes small, your content easy to access, and your navigation simple! Your viewers don’t want to use up all of their data trying to figure out where your company’s phone number is. Like I said, you’ll be sending more business to your competitor’s site and your reputation is sure to take a hit.


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Now that you understand the importance of simply having a mobile-friendly application, it’s time for me to tell you how to keep the ball rolling.

Let’s begin with the 4 E’s of a digital content strategy. These include engaging your audience, educating them, entertaining them, and evangelizing – let your audience speak volumes for you.

To engage – always ensure that you allow for two-way conversation, and always let your audience know what’s going on – digitally add to their calendars perhaps? Yes, it really is that simple.

To educate – keep your content relevant and up to date. Always. Digital mediums are the fastest method of accessing information. People will never stop seeking new knowledge, so make sure you’re the best place to get it from.

To entertain – never settle for the generic, the boring, or the outdated. Digital media gives you the power to showcase your work – don’t overlook the opportunity!

And finally, to evangelize – it’s not enough for you to just speak to your audience; you need them to convey your message as well. If you give them something worth sharing, odds are, they’ll pass it on.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks have you convinced that mobile devices are in fact, the way of the future. I guess it’s time to kick-start that mobile-friendly website plan you’ve thrown in the “maybe later” pile after all! (Leah)


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