Making your site mobile friendly

Keeping in mind that mobile marketing is the easiest way to promote your company. Though it is time consuming- it is your best way to reach a large audience. Utilizing multiple media outlets is important. It has been proven that people tend to surf the web when they are bored or wasting time. Therefore, your company should ensure that they have appealing and mobile friendly sites.

Mobile media is a monster and lead in new and constantly updating technologies. It is important that you stay on top of this and adopt the changes to better understand and serve your publics. For companies, it is also important to know that moms are a huge online shopping audience. When you are creating, a website keep your target audience in mind. Make sure to fully understand their wants and needs. Moms especially, only have a small window of opportunity to shop online, so make sure what they are looking for is easy to find and the ordering process is simple.


To ensure that people will stay on your site there are a couple things you can do to help yourself. MAKE YOUR SITE MOBILE FRIENDLY. There is nothing worst then going to a site that the link is broken or that does not display the right HTML for your device making all the content out of place. This will make it harder on the eyes and will slower their online experience. Loosing their interest will result in loss of sales and returning customers. To fix this problem create different HTML codes that will recognize what type of device people are visiting your site from.

When you are creating a site to reach a larger target audience on social media it is important to keep in mind:

·         Engage – a way for visitors to be interactive

For example, when you go into a clothing store and tell you that if you text a given number they will text you a code in return giving you a per cent off your purchase. This engages customers because people like discounts. You may also do this online by sending emails out to past customers and asking them so fill out a survey to receive something in return (food, discount, a chance to enter a draw).

·         Educate- use information to your advantage.

Give them what they want to know and where they can find it. If you make your information to complex and in depth people will lose interest. Keep your website up to date and current with new information as well as a simple and appealing layout. This will ensure that people spend more time on your site.

·         Entertain: wow them, have a great layout and colour pallet for your site 

Keep your visitors engaged. Let there be interactive opportunities for them if they wish to do so but do not force them to do anything. Usually people do not enjoy having to complete a task to further research or shop. Do not force them to take part in your “create a Christmas basket” sale. But rather make it an option. Mostly woman are the ones who enjoy shopping online. And we know that women like options.

·         Evangelize: talk through your audience 

It is a company’s goal to create sharable content. Because with sharable content,  comes the ability to reach a wider audience. This means that if someone likes a product on your website and are eager to tell their friends about their purchase, they can by simply adding a share button.


The way your mobile audience sees your social media outlets is important. All the successful websites are keeping things fresh, simple, clean and keeping their information up to date. There are programs and sites out there to help you do the same – Hootsuite for example is a common one. This is what you will need to do to have success on mobile devices.


 *** Also I sent you a few emails about my last blog post (how to use videos to your advantage in marketing. date: November 15th) with no reply I was just wondering if you could look at it. It was submitted in time just the link didn’t send. thank you for your time:) ***

Samuelle Labelle


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